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In Europe the main cause of mortality is cardiovascular disease or CVD (e.g. stroke, heart attack, heart failure).  And according to WHO, CVD is the first killer all over the world.
Under this status, we developed a new home monitoring device. The new Handheld ECG Monitor senses the heart waveform and indicates potential ECG abnormalities.


● Portable and easy to operate; Independent on cable and electrode.
● LCD Screen display ECG waveform, Heart Rate, Analyses, and Power.
● Dual measuring modes:30-second quick measurement, continuous mode.
● 200 ECG records-30 second ECG waveform and analysis.
● 13 kinds of analysis modes for the esamination of arrhythmia.
● Review records freely; Transmit records to PC via USB.
● 2 batteries, At least 500 times' measurements.