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The TCL-5000 Holter system is composed of the ECG recorders, a computer system, a laser printer and the software.
The recorder  has build-in flash storage media that increases its memory capacity.
The sampling rate of 1000 sampling/sec has improved the quality of waveform. The software of the system is checked by AHA and MIT data, which ensure its accuracy.


● Windows software interface.
● Quick and accurate analyzing system.
● Special editing system of R point.
Perfect analysis function of ST segment.
● The analysis function of T wave of allchannels and T wave trend graph.

The analysis system of HR variability,  providing the regular SDNN, SDANN, RMSSD,LF, HF, time domain, and  frequency domain.
QT analysis and QT trend graph.
Acquire pacing ECG directly without separate channel, also have the functions of VCG,LPG, high frequency ECG, FCG. (option).


12 Channel Synchronized ECG Acquisition.
■ Small ECG recorder with OLED color screen which can display real time ECG waveform and review storage data. 
■ Capacity is up to 2G.
■ Selectable sampling rate, 200, 500, 1000  sampling/sec.
■ Sampling accuracy:12 bit.
■ Build-in FLASH storage media, which can refrain the flash card from damage by repeatedly inserted and pull out.
■ USB interface.