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Medical Disposable Anti-static shoe cover


Material :Non woven fabric ,with conductive strip on the bottom Anti-static,lightweight,breathable,waterproof,economic,easy to wear and take off. Keep the working place cleaning and anti-bacteria,avoid embarrassed,save time .


●With Soft Shoe Sole which made via special process is of good property of anti-static and dustproof can release human static electricity effectively. 

●The density of this clean silk is larger than that of the traditional silk fabric; it is lint free, non pilling and fiber shedding, not raising dust, good air tightness, germicidal and antibacterial.

●It has double performance: permanent anti electrostatic and good dustproof effect, which meets to international standards and can be used in class 10000 ~ 3 00000 grade clean room.

● Anti-static,light weight, shoe protector.

● Convenient, flexible, economical, soft.

●Fluid resistant and dust resistant.

● Breathable,eco-friendly, easy to wear.

● Infection control,anti-bacteria, anti-static.

● Non-toxic and non-irritating, non-latex.

● Keep you safe, health and convenient.